A New Season

September 7, 2011

Labor Day, the first cold front heading South, the smell of BBQ and Football is in the air as preseason is over and the first games begin in earnest.  It also marks the end of the preliminary primary season as the candidates on all levels jockey for position heading into the Primaries in January.  Things are getting serious now.

The other thing getting serious lately is the rhetoric from the Liberals.  We have heard that the Tea Party are SOB’s from Hoffa, that we should “all go to hell” by a Congress Woman who should have better manners, and Representative Carson expressed his fear that the Tea Party folks want his folks “swinging from a tree”.  There is even a new game for the Liberals to play while seething about the Tea Party called Tea Party Zombies Must Die. 

Then this video is making the rounds on Facebook where the Black Panthers are training their people to fight in what seems to be hand to hand combat.


So it’s evident that the violent rhetoric coming from the Liberals is getting more dangerous and may cause conflict.

Knowing that the Tea Party will still be working hard for the Conservatives who are running for these primary positions, we interviewed Catherine Smit-Torrez,  former Chief of Police for Cockrell Hill, Texas who has training in Terrorism and Hate Groups, and in Civil Disobedience.  She now runs her own private investigation firm called Stiletto Spy & Company Investigations

Talking with her about the Tea Party and the new rhetoric, we discussed the possibility of violent organized protests at the Tea Party events.  Now the Tea Party rallies often have people who are in wheel chairs, with walking canes, or baby strollers and toddlers, who range from nursing babies to nursing home residents.  Some participant spend everything they have in energy and money just to drive and participate in the rally, no paid for buses and gourmet lunches for Tea Party folks.  If violent Panthers or other groups came against a few hundred folks like this, people could be tragically injured.

Her advice was that the gatherings and events need to have off duty officers from the jurisdiction that the event is located.  So if the event is in Chicago, it needs to have off duty Chicago officers as the security force.  Why off duty officers from the jurisdiction and not just some cheaper off duty officers or rent a cop or use volunteers to save even more money?  Well, for one, the off duty officers from the local jurisdiction should have access to the dispatcher in the area by radio, not just by cell phone.  If there is an attack, they can directly and quickly call for back up officers to help quell any counter protest or violence that might occur.

As part of due diligence for rally organizers, Catherine recommended they should have anywhere from 2 to 6 officers, depending on the size of the group and the number of exists and entrances to the events.  If these are outdoors, she mentioned having safety volunteers (in designated areas and with designated clothing) who can help if trouble happens.  They would contact the officers in the event of an occurrence, not stepping into the fray, but accessing and notifying the trained officers.  This would hand over the intervention to trained professionals, and keep Tea Party people from being arrested or injured.

Catherine also mentioned that the Tea Party organizers need to let their people know how to be non-confrontational, to stay within boundaries (since most of these clashes happen along the borders of the events), and identify who to alert if they are accosted or challenged.

With due diligence, alerting participants about non-violent techniques, and prayer, the meetings, gatherings and rallies can continue to be peaceful.




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