Grass Roots Politics Can Help You Lose Weight!

September 27, 2011

Well, Politics are not slimming if you are a candidate having to go to breakfast, lunch and dinner meetings every day.

Yes, you can talk with Neighbors

However for the Grass Roots folks, this is an excellent time to put on the walking shoes and walk your blocks.  With ACORN hiring folks on Craig’s List to “canvass” neighborhoods, that is, to knock on doors and tell people to vote for the Liberals, the Conservatives could use your help!

You don’t have to do a 5K or even a marathon.  However, if you could meet your neighbors, talk with them about voting, and about what issues are important to them, and talk with them 4 times between now and November, it could mean the difference between winning and loosing.  Many local races are decided on less than 1,000 votes, even coming down to things like 13 votes to win or loose a Congressional seat.

If you have a local or statewide candidate you like, volunteer with their campaign to walk your neighborhood.  The Tea Parties are training volunteers now and walks are starting this fall and into the Primary Season.  Your county party also has walks planned and if you want to stay in your neighborhood, contact your precinct chair and let them know you are willing to help.

With Liberals hiring canvassers to contact people 7 times before the election, we need folks who can give a few hours or even ONE hour a week to reach out to their neighbors. 

Your Heart, your Waistline and your Country will benefit!




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