Did Houston Squander an Opportunity for a Republican Mayor?

October 19, 2011

Written by:  Karen Townsend, Contributor

A recent poll taken of 748 likely voters in Houston, conducted by a local television station network affiliate and the public radio station, shows the very real possibility that an opportunity has been squandered by the Harris County Republican Party.

According to the poll, Houston Mayor Annise Parker  ” has the lowest approval ratings of any Houston mayor in decades”.  Her approval numbers are low in all demographics and sections of the city.  Only 47% rate her performance in office as excellent or good.  Some 50% rate her performance as fair or poor.  This is a very low approval number for a Democratic mayor in Houston  during her/his first term in office.

Mayor Parker credits the low numbers as a statement of discontent from voters on the poor economic conditions nationwide.  She may be right.  Her numbers are especially poor among the unemployed and struggling communities.  And, politicians across the country are finding a lack of enthusiasm for re-election from their electorates, too.  Times are tough out there.

This poll does, however, point to the obvious – the leadership in the Harris County Republican Party missed an opportunity.  Were they asleep at the switch?  Why is candidate recruitment lagging?  These poll results point to the fact that a Republican with strong financial backing and the support of community leadership would have attracted interest from all segments of Houston population.  Grassroots conservatives are looking for candidates to help achieve victory in the Democratically leaning City of Houston.

According to this poll, “a whopping 50%” of potential voters are undecided as to whom they will support by vote in this election.  If a properly vetted and recruited Republican candidate had emerged, this uncertainty would have been eliminated.

It is past time for a Republican mayor of Houston.  It is obvious that new and aggressive leadership is necessary in Houston for that goal to be met.





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