Republicans Must Demand Conservative Media Debate Moderators

February 23, 2012

Written by: Karen Townsend, Contributor

We have now soldiered through twenty Republican presidential candidate debates.  Most have been moderated by members of the liberal media members. Most of the questioning has come from liberal media members. It is time to put a halt to this insanity. It is time for the GOP to demand that conservative leaning members of the media be put in place as the moderators and questioners during GOP debates.

Why is this so necessary? Clearly, the moderator runs the show. The liberal moderators have absolutely no interest in anything other than casting the Republican candidates in as poor a light as possible. And, let’s face it – often that is not much of a challenge. As long as the candidates continue to fall into the trap of taking the bait to bash other candidates on the stage, President Obama wins.  Instead of trying to bludgeon the other candidates, each must use the example set by Newt Gingrich and turn the answers into criticism of President Obama.

It is clear as glass that the questions lobbed about contraception and reproductive services by the ABC News questioners were not so out of the blue after all. We learned recently that it was obviously an orchestrated effort with the White House as the new mandates were coming to light on birth control and hospitals and colleges run by religious organizations. In the meantime, the focus has been taken off the still floundering economy and is on birth control. The liberal media has no expectation of defining it as a religious freedom issue, as they turn it all into a bogus women’s health issue.  How convenient.

This is an election that should be entirely about economic issues. This is an election that should be a certain win for a Republican challenger of Barack Obama.  Unfortunately, that is not how this race is being run.

The GOP must stop playing into liberal media traps. It is time for the GOP to demand control of debate moderators and questioners. The DNC and Democratic leadership long ago decided to boycott conservative media – Fox News Channel in particular – and turnabout is fair play. The GOP has to control its own message.





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