Romney Loses in Texas!

February 5, 2012

While the Mainstream Media has already picked their Republican Party candidate for President, Saturday’s Nevada Caucus and Texas’s Straw Poll clearly demonstrates that Republican voters have neither made their own choice nor endorsed the Media’s Favorite Son.

Meanwhile in Texas, in the Tarrant County/Fort Worth Straw Poll which also concluded on Saturday, Romney placed last out of the field of 4 candidates. Romney, arguably the least conservative of the candidates, earned only 18% of the vote. Rick Sanatorium, who is arguably the most consistently conservative of the candidates, was declared the winner in the straw poll.

Tarrant County’s results strongly parallel the Harris County/Houston Saddle Up Texas straw poll held three weeks ago. Saddle Up had two ways of voting – via text-votes and in person at caucus-like events. The 2012 Saddle Up Texas straw poll saw Romney placing 5th out of seven in the texting vote, and 4th in the in-person vote, coming in ahead of only of the quickly-fading John Huntsman.

In the 2012 Republican National Convention, Texas will have – at 155 – the second largest Republican delegate count. However, Texas is far more conservative then the lead delegate state, California. Based on the Tarrant County and Harris County straw polls, Texas’ strong conservative orientation will almost certainly cause a problem for Romney when the state’s binding delegate primary – currently scheduled for April 3rd – is finally conducted.

This election cycle is shaping up to be another 1996 or 2008, when the Media pushed an “electable” moderate on a party hungry to regain or maintain the Presidency, carefully ignoring the fact that the most electorally-successful Republican President in history was the “unelectable” Ronald Reagan, a candidate described by the Medi9a as a “washed-up actor who doesn’t have a chance.”

Romney’s major appeal among Republican primary and caucus voters seems to be the mantra that “he’s the most electable,” something which Republicans desperate to replace Obama with any alternative President are eager to hear and eager to believe. This “conventional wisdom” that Romney is the most – or perhaps the only – electable Republican candidate seems to come almost exclusively from the Media, which has been bullying Republican primary and caucus voters to abandon their desire for an actual Reagan-like conservative candidate in favor of someone “who can beat Obama” by attracting moderates and independent voters. In addition to pushing Romney-the-electable, the Media has, since the start of the election season, been pushing otherwise viable candidates to drop out “for the good of the party,” often by creating the sense that there is really only room for two candidates – Romney, and the “Not Romney” candidate.

However, if the Media – which can hardly be seen as having the Republican Party’s best interests at heart – stepped back and allowed the process to continue until one candidate secures a majority of the Convention Delegates, which usually occurs sometime in June, then Republicans would realize that Romney is not the “most electable” candidate.

As a matter of almost “divine right,” the Media seems to believe that they should be the Republican Party’s king-makers, and that the voters should do what they’re told. The Media has a track record of having succeeded in bullying Republicans into following their lead. For instance, the Media got behind Dole in ’96, pushing him ahead of far more conservative candidates – until he won the nomination, then they abandoned him. The Media did this again in 2008, when they set up – and then abandoned and destroyed – McCain as the Republican Candidate. With that track record, the Media believes they can once again fool the Republicans, using bullying tactics and playing upon the “myth of electability,” to push the nomination of Romney as our next candidate.

The Conservatives in the party need to remember what happened when they held tough, standing behind a real Conservative – Reagan. Then they need to face down the Media and “just say no.”




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