Obama’s War on Texas by Peter Ream

March 23, 2012

When the DOJ blocked the Texas Voter ID law this past week it became quite evident that the Obama Administration is waging all out war against Texas.  The motivations for such an offensive against the State of Texas are philosophical in nature.  Not just Big Government vs. Small Government, but also a deep seated need to destroy the opposition through any means necessary.  Texas is the model for small, limited, conservative government and our success is a direct threat to the Obama Administration and to Big Government in general.

The biggest threat to Obama comes from the success Texas has enjoyed economically.  Texas’ success is a direct result of our system of government and limited intervention.  Unlike California, our economic success has been a result of that limited intervention.  A detailed analysis of our economic success in Texas is illustrated here.

The Obama Administration needs to minimize this success or outright destroy it; anything less directly contradicts the narrative the Administration has created, that narrative being big Government is the solution to the nation’s ills.

The Obama Administration saw its first opening to try to slow down the economic engine of Texas when the BP Oil Spill disaster struck.  Using the false premise of environmental safety, the Administration has slowed the approval of permits for off-shore drilling considerably.  This adversely affects the Gulf region as a whole, but Obama is willing to risk losing States such as Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi in order to undermine and destroy Texas.

The BP disaster was only the opening salvo.  Following that, Obama bypassed Congress and simply used the power of agencies and regulation to continue his attacks.  The EPA, again under the premise of environmental protection, expanded the rules for coal fired electricity plants.  The need for these increased regulations under the shortened time frame is dubious at best, criminal at worst.  Such regulations will force several coal plants to shutter their doors as they will be unable to meet these new regulations in time.  This is precisely the point.  This reduces the amount of available power to the people of Texas and reduces the ability for business to succeed in the Lone Star State.  Such regulations are designed solely to destroy the economic success of Texas.  If they truly wanted to help the economy without destroying the electrical capacity in Texas, they would give the coal plants the necessary time they need to retrofit without shutting down.

The third salvo against the economic engine of Texas was to deny the Keystone Pipeline.  This would have brought Canadian Oil to Texas to be refined.  This salvo actually hurts the nation as whole, not just Texas.  Texas refineries have the capacity to turn Canadian Oil into inexpensive and abundant energy for both Texas and the nation.  Inexpensive and abundant energy is the backbone to a vibrant economy.  Obama is willing to stagnate the entire national economy simply to destroy the economic success of Texas.  Doing so allows him to advance his narrative that big Government is the solution and point to Texas, the one shining example of small, limited Government, as having failed.

It isn’t enough; however, to destroy the economic engine of Texas.  The nation as a whole is suffering and attempts to sabotage and undermine the success of Texas could easily be attributed to the current national economy.  As such, the Obama Administration needs to ensure that the spirit of Texans is utterly destroyed.  Texans, welcome to Chicago.

Obama isn’t simply willing, he seems downright eager to play Chicago politics with Texas.  It began with the program Fast & Furious.  This program was designed to attack the 2nd Amendment but also cause collateral damage to Border States who tend to be Red, California being the notable exception.  Fast & Furious was an attempt to create a crisis and suggest the solution they wanted.  The problem is, the crisis was manufactured.

Speaking of guns, the Ft. Hood tragedy underscored the callousness Obama felt towards Texas, Texans, and veterans.  First came his completely disconnected press conference which featured shout-outs, then came the DOJ’s classification of the tragedy as workplace violence.   This unsympathetic approach by the Administration is designed solely to demoralize those he opposes philosophically.

If this callousness seems coincidental, it was fully out and on display during the summer of 2011 when wildfires ravaged the state of Texas.  Wildfires often ravage California and that state is granted federal disaster funds almost immediately.  Texas; however, had to suffer for several months before the Administration would grant funds to the beleaguered and drought-ridden state.  It was only after the fires were seen from space and made not just national but world news that funds were granted.  But Obama himself used the tragedy to insult the Governor of Texas, his political opponent, by making light of the tragedy for political gain before finally relenting and granting funds.

And it wasn’t enough simply to insult the Governor of Texas, the Obama Administration chose New York and California over Houston, Texas as the final resting place for one of the Space Shuttles.  The first words spoken on the moon where “Houston, the Eagle has landed.” and Texas (Houston) has been home to Mission Control for over 40 years.   The Administration knew this yet chose New York, which has contributed nothing of note to the long and storied history of the American Space program, as the final resting place for the Shuttle Program.  It wasn’t enough to simply close the Shuttle Program and eliminate jobs, the Administration needed to stick it in the eye of all proud Texans.

The attacks against Texas have only increased since last summer with the Administration deliberately meddling in the political process of the State of Texas.  First was the ruling against the redistricting the State Legislature created, this was followed by the DOJ stalling (which we’ve reported here) then eventually blocking the Texas Voter ID law.  Both of these are direct interventions by the Obama Administration into the political process of the State of Texas.  These are violations of state sovereignty and need to be answered by Texans.  It is unconscionable that we would allow a Chicagoan to meddle in our affairs.

With the ink barely dry on the DOJ’s ruling, the Administration struck with the second part of its one-two punch last week.  Texas was denied $34 million in federal funding for the Women’s Health Program because of a new State law on funding abortion clinics.  With this decision, the Administration has dropped all pretenses and is now waging their war against Texas out in the open.

While one or two decisions against the State of Texas might be seen as coincidental, this list should destroy any doubts one has of the direct conflict between Obama, his Administration, and the good people of the State of Texas.  These decisions are designed entirely to destroy both the economic success Texas enjoys as well as the vibrant spirit of entrepreneurship, that rugged individualism, that exists deep in the heart of all Texans.  Texans, Obama is at war with your State and you individually.  He is intent on destroying you, your way of life and enslaving you by shackling you to poorly run Government programs that fail.  Resist his attacks, fight his intrusions, and fire your salvo this November at the ballot box.  Let your vote be the shot heard round the world.





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