And Then There Was One!

April 11, 2012

By Jube Dankworth
Fort Worth, Texas
April 12, 2012

Yes, Newt is still “officially” in the race, though that has more to do with his hope of influencing the convention’s platform than it does of winning the nomination.  However, with the exit of Rick Santorum, Mitt Romney is the de facto candidate – and in fact the only “viable” candidate.

However, many true Conservatives are deeply disillusioned by this entire primary fiasco – in their heart of hearts, they dealing with their grief – a grief that comes from knowing that once again, the Country Club Republicans have managed to hijack the nomination.  Too many lightweight Conservatives diluted the vote, while all the serious Conservative candidates decided to sit this one out.  It’s oddly reminiscent of 1992, when the “serious” Democrats sat it out, thinking that Bush ’41 was a shoo-in, especially after Desert Storm. We can only hope that history repeats itself – just as a second-tier lightweight moderate DLC Democrat won the nomination, and the election, in ’92, we can hope that a second-tier lightweight moderate Country Club Republican will win in ’12.

But that leaves Conservative Republicans dealing with their grief.  I remember the same type of disbelief and grief back in ’08 when Governor Mike Huckabee left the field, ceding the nomination to our inconstant RINO candidate, Senator John McCain. Many of my friends – Conservative Republicans from throughout Texas, and indeed from across America – were wondering “what’s the use?” and “why should I even continue trying to change the Republican Party?”  Clearly, “The Establishment” was not listening then, and just as clearly, it’s not listening now.  Leaving us with Mitt Romney to face off against President Barack Obama.

However, back in ’08, even after Governor Huckabee stepped out of the race, there were many states’ primaries still to be held. Despite Huck’s taking a pass on the nomination – and in a foretaste of the grassroots revolution of 2010 – committed Conservative voters came out to the polls in droves. They voted for Huckabee – or their regularly scheduled candidate – just to show “The Establishment” that they did not care who “The One” may be, they wanted a real Conservative on the ticket.

And though she wasn’t on the top of the ticket – and though she alone couldn’t outweigh the deadweight anchor that was John McCain, we got a great Conservative in Sarah Palin. However, because of petty jealousy within the party – and even within the McCain campaign team – as well as the Craptastic handling given to her by a spiteful media who can’t abide by a Conservative woman, Sarah Palin’s brand was permanently tarnished – sadly, at least when it comes to national electoral politics, she will be forever sidelined.  We still have her voice – and her energy – but we won’t have her as a candidate.

Which brings us from 2008 to 2012, and to Mitt Romney as the all-but-certain candidate, with no viable alternative still “alive” in the campaign.

So while you and your fellow Conservatives deal with your grief and disbelief over the departure of Rick Santorum, I’d like you to realize that – at least in Texas – we still get to vote for the whole field.  Unlike the rest of America, Texans can still vote for a Conservative.

So go forth, fellow Conservatives, and vote for your favorite candidate. Let “The Establishment” know, one more time, that the millions of Conservatives in Texas will be heard, and their voices will echo the will, the desire and the passion of Conservatives across the length and breadth of America.

Yes, we may have to vote for Romney in November, but we can still vote for our candidate of choice in May!


Valoree Swanson SREC District 7

Wanted to give credit to Valoree Swanson,
SREC District 7 Committeewoman,
who talked about this on KSEV 740AM on Wednesday, April 8, 2012. She explained this in a great level headed way to help all the folks peeved with the turn of events.




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