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April 26, 2012

Dave Gebhart: Citizen Candidate for Bedford City Council

We discussed the Citizen Candidate and now I’d like to give an up close and somewhat personal look at the Citizen Candidate family. A friend of mine, Dave Gebhart, is running for City Council in the small town of Bedford, Texas. Right now the Mid-cities are being run by the school districts. So last time Dave ran they pegged him as a one issue candidate who was anti-curfew. Well, Dave was anti-curfew, but he was also for fiscal conservatism which school districts are notoriously not.

Dave is running again this year, and yes, I do hope you will tell your friends in Bedford to vote for him on May 12th. However, because of the crazy primary season this year, we were having our committee meetings the last two weeks working up to the district conventions. Dave was on that committee and took upon himself the duty of the computer guy, the guy who kept track of all the changes to the resolutions, and getting them into electronic format.

Now Dave has 6 kids at home, works a full time job, and was walking his town, knocking on doors and talking to neighbors, as part of his campaign. So he was at the Tuesday night resolutions committee meeting, went home to work on his website, went to work the next morning, walked his town that evening, then went to his church on Wednesday night. They had a “plumbing issue” at his house at midnight, which means, with 8 people in the family, that it needs to be fixed immediately. He went to bed at 5AM. He then went to work, walked a few blocks with his kids after work and then showed up at 7PM on Thursday night at the resolutions committee meeting. Most folks would have missed the committee meeting, but Dave keeps his word in all things.  He also took care of the resolutions at the convention, putting in another 16 hours with set up and take down.

His wife, at the same time, was in charge of the pages for the Convention. She was calling everyone with teens who might be available to work on Friday for set up or Saturday all day. She helped with set up on Friday, and worked 16 hours at the convention. She also had 2 of her teens at the convention working hard as pages, while her third teen was at home with the “little ones”. The politeness and graciousness of their teens working as pages spoke volumes to the upbringing this family has instituted.

It also spoke volumes to the love of country that this family has to put their lives on hold for the convention and for the campaign as they have been walking for weeks, even on Dave’s birthday, in order to talk to each and every person in their town about the issues of fiscal restraint, building up of the private sector and dealing with a massive freeway build out in the middle of their town. I won’t even mention the money they have poured into this campaign. Yes, your Citizen Candidate is always in need of money.

Dave is a bit of a conservative. He wants to: Stop raising property taxes; Stop wasteful spending; and Bring business back to the town in the heart of the mid-cities. As he notes on his “why I’m running” page:

Businesses seem to be slowly fading away, leaving Bedford and moving into neighboring cities. The widening of 183 seems to have caught our city leaders unprepared, further straining our business base.

When the city government won’t listen to its citizens then it is time for a change. When our leaders don’t act like leaders to work with different groups to come up with solutions that benefit everyone, then it is time for new leadership.

If Dave and his family work this hard to run for office, you can believe they will work hard for Bedford.

The Citizen Candidate Family




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