Barack Hussein Obama, A conspiracy theorists dream

October 29, 2012

Barack Hussein Obama:
A conspiracy theorists dream

I am not a member of the CTA, Conspiracy theorists of America (Is there really such an organization) but I do claim to have a curiosity that causes me to follow the CT’s stories with an open mind. Call me an agnostic when it comes to conspiracy theories but for those true believers I give you all the ammunition you’ll ever need.
Let us start at the beginning, so to speak. Just where was Barack Hussein Obama born? Some say Kenya while his followers state without question, Hawaii. To fuel the CT’s claims there has been reluctance on Obama’s part to provide adequate proof. Even after posting a long form birth certificate on his web site many believe it to be a forgery. Between Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio the conspiracy theorists have prominent personalities carrying their water, protecting their backs.
My liberal friends (granted there are not many) state with great resolve that growing up with a possible communist mother, a card carrying communist mentor who might be his real father simply gave a young Barack another perspective to consider and did not provide an ingrained view of political philosophies that are the roots of his values. The evidence is fairly clear however that he was subjected to anti colonial thoughts from both his supposed real father and his surrogate father, Frank Marshall Davis. There is plenty of fodder for the conspiracy theorists when one delves into his brief schooling in Hawaii as a kindergartener and in Indonesia as a young impressionable child.
There may be valid reasons why Obama’s admission records to Occidental college and transcripts of his grades have been sealed but even my liberal friends are clueless as to what the reasons might be. We do know he befriended rich Pakistani students while attending school for two years at Occidental and became friends with the more political blacks and radical foreign students primarily from Southeast Asian countries. It might have been while a student at Occidental that he first learned of Bill Ayers of weather underground fame. Obama becomes a member of Students for Economic Democracy a radical cousin to Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) of which the weather underground was an offshoot.
There is a faction that also believes Barack Obama to be a closet homosexual. Reports of his involvement with gay mentor Lawrence Goldyn in college are proven but what “involvement” means is an issue not quite so clear. His involvement with Pakistani Muslims and drug addicted activists certainly open up many avenues for the CT’s to explore and his transfer to Columbia leave many unanswered questions. There is no evidence that Obama was attending any school from September 1981 until September 1982 and some believe he was living in Pakistan with his Muslim friends. His CV indicates he graduated in 1983 from Columbia College. Another 1983 grad, Wayne Allyn Root has claimed he never met Obama nor have any of the alumni Root has questioned. Fox news polled 400 graduates and could not verify that anyone remembered Barack Hussein Obama attending any class during that timeframe.
There are many different accounts on how, or rather who paid for Obama’s Harvard education. According to Michelle Obama the proceeds of book royalties in 2005-2006 were used to pay off student loans, yet there have not as yet been any proof of a loan with any lending institution. When Obama released tax returns for the years 2000 through 2006 there were no deductions for interest on student loans. During a 2008 interview on cable TV former Manhattan Borough president Percy Sutton recalled being recruited to help a young Obama get into Harvard. He was asked to write to his contacts at Harvard on behalf of Obama. The request came from Khalid Al-Mansour an advisor to Saudi prince Alwaleed bin Talal one of the richest men in the world. We know that Obama was admitted into Harvard law school despite less (reported but not confirmed) than minimum grades. We also are aware Obama was elected president of the Harvard law review in an unprecedented move, in that grades were not a major consideration.
The political rise of Barack Hussein Obama can be told in either one fascinating fortunate fairy tale or an example of corrupt Chicago politics. As a candidate for Illinois Senate seat in 1996, he manages to get all four of the other candidates invalidated allowing him to win running unopposed. In 2002 he was polling behind Jack Ryan until Obama operative David Axelrod managed to get Ryan’s divorce records unsealed, resulting in a sex scandal. Ryan promptly dropped out of the race leaving Obama once again winning, running unopposed.
While the facts are more than sufficient to compose a scenario of questionable integrity (or lack thereof) perhaps the most disturbing is a link between two isolated acts fifty years apart. Barack Obama’s parents met at a class in basic Russian language in 1959. Recently Obama was overheard via a hot mike telling then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he would have more “flexibility” after the election.
I assume most conspiracy theorists have seen the movie, The Manchurian Candidate.

Tom Sullivan is a freelance author from Lewisville Texas




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