You Signed Up For This When You Counted The Cost…So What Has Kept You So Long?

November 19, 2012
Darkness is the absence of light from a scientific view.  From a Biblical view, it is a condition of a lack of the Truth of the Word being reflected to a world filled with Satan’s principalities and powers.  One of those principalities and powers influences towards the evil of murdering children in the womb.  It is backed up by the spirit of apathy and complacency.  I am posting the link on here to the Grantham Collection.  It is a very well respected site in the fight to bring the truth of abortion to those who have been taught a lie or have chosen to keep their heads buried in the sands of ignorance.  Many hope that they will not be “offended” to the point of being required to actually do what is called of all who profess to follow the Bible, and are awaiting the return of our Messiah Yeshua/Jesus.


I am tired of 40 years of death.  I am tired of seeing such a blind eye turned to the death of millions of innocents by the pulpits of this nation and the ones who sit in the pews.  For at least 20 years I have seen absolutely no progress made in this fight, and for most of those years it has almost disappeared from sight as something relegated to “it will just always be.”  I have hope in these troubled times that there just might be a revival to occur that will influence this culture of accepting murder.  We have to not only change the view that this is acceptable, but the world that promotes it.  That takes a unified effort of reaching, teaching, and ministering daily to those in this world on the truth of this issue.


We have a part we are commanded and demanded to play.  We seem to want Adonai to step in and end it without requiring anything on our part.  This did not become acceptable in this nation without the help of those who should have been light.  It is still going strong because now the ones who should be the light have conformed to the darkness at a rate of 70% in “darkening” the doorsteps of the abortion clinics in this nation.  No more excuses.  I am not going to “understand” that it takes time and another year ticks by and several more millions are ripped apart.


If you haven’t figured it out yet, this message is for those who call themselves “believers.”  What exactly do you believing in?  I’ll tell you what I believe in because it is what a Holy Adonai has told us.  I know that this country and world live in acceptance of having babies, pre-born human beings with their own DNA, being ripped apart for money and selfishness.  I know that this Holy God is going to judge, curse, and pour out His wrath on those who have participated in this and have not repented.  He is also going to demand an explanation from each apathetic and complacent individual who has remained silent and turned a blind eye.


I will not be counted in any of the above.  If the link bothers you, you do not have to call me friend.  If it BOTHERS YOU, then get out and do your share to reflect the Truth and Light and don’t let up until we see an end to it.  Everyone is so afraid of getting blocked on facebook or losing a friend, and meanwhile the killing continues.  If the worse “persecution” you ever face is losing a friend or being blocked on facebook, then you will never stand what is coming.  Cowards don’t inherit the Kingdom of Heaven. (Revolation. 21:8)  They are first on the list of those to not inheriting eternal Life.  This is a war against principalities and powers, but it is the real flesh and blood of millions of babies, their parents and extended families’ lives that are being destroyed.  If we aren’t the ones to stand in the gap and to be the front line leading the charge, who do you expect will do it?


I encourage each of you to please get involved in your local area and on a state and national level to end this and change minds and hearts.  I will gladly provide links or ministries that you can support, and please do not sit back and wait until a committee is formed to develop a plan of action or wait to see what your pastor may do.  There are so few who are willing to step out and interact with those walking in and out of the clinics, those who are afraid to keep their child because they have nowhere to turn for help or assistance, and no hope because there just isn’t any Light around to push back the darkness.


We have to GO FORTH to do this one.  No sitting back and waiting for it to come your way.  Will you be ridiculed, yelled at, cursed at, pointed at, and lose friends?  Yes, you can count on it if you are on the front line.  But let me tell you another thing I do know, when you see the face of a child that could have been aborted and you get to watch them grow and love life and be loved, any amount of what you have sacrificed will be worth it.


Stand for life, speak love, stand firm, no compromise and push back the darkness one life at a time…


By: Terri Short Hill




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