Extremist?? You betcha!!

January 18, 2013

The left of center, far left, and faux conservatives all agree that anyone more than a step or two right of center is an extremist. The Obama loving media keep telling the low information citizen that the Tea Party and other grassroots political groups are all extremists. They have all made the word so vile it is now right up there with pedophile, rapist, and (gasp!) Republican.

I’m EXTREMELY patriotic. I believe that anyone who joins the military and puts on a uniform, defends this country and fights for our freedom is a hero and demands respect. I firmly believe that we as a country must provide every possible asset needed to secure the safe return of our soldiers from theaters of engagement. It is also our duty to provide rules of engagement that guarantee the best chance for victory. Leaders who hamper the efforts of our military are cowards and should be given a brief head start before being hunted as target practice. Apparently it is now an extreme position to think we should only enter a war when we are committed to win.

I’m EXTREMELY frugal both in my personal finances and my tenet that American should require a balanced budget. Deficit spending should only occur as a last result and only in times of severe economic dilemma. War might be the only reason to borrow money. It is not the government’s job to provide for all citizenry. Charity has always been best administered by private entities. Churches need a place to do good deeds, government does not. Has it become an extreme viewpoint to live within ones means?

I’m EXTREMELY concerned about the direction the country has taken under the leadership of Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Rather than capitalizing on the euphoria of America’s first minority President, the Democrat party has attempted to divide America into two distinctly different camps. The use of class warfare, idle claims of racism and absolute false statements by supposed leaders has spawned a vitriol not seen since the days of Jim Crow, and it has been planted, nurtured and watered by the Democrats in power. Has tolerance of others become living on the extreme edge?

I’m EXTREMELY committed to defending our constitution. The bill of rights, those first ten amendments are ALL there for reasons we should understand and embrace. Our right to bear arms is not a hunter’s right to bear arms. It’s not just for defense against intruders who might have thievery as their motive. It is the right to arm a citizen army should an over zealous government decide to eliminate the freedoms our forefathers fought to provide us with. The tenth amendment is for states to decide, within the scope of our constitution what laws might pertain to them alone. The framers understood the future need for change and the amendment process is there for that reason. The constitution has no mention of executive order. It is not part of the process. Those of us who obey the constitution and live as law abiding citizens have become EXTREMISTS.

Yes, count me as one and color me EXTREME.

Tom Sullivan is an author and freelance writer. Visit his website teddysergeant.com





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