11 Million Man Myth

February 8, 2013
Illegal Alien Invaders

Illegal Aliens? Are there really only eleven million of them among us?

There is a lot to be said for this country being built by immigrants. Lawful immigrants have played a major role in making the country what it is today. People who were looking for a better life came to America, learned the language and blended into society. Most were very hard working, industrious and innovative people who did very well at getting their slice of the American Dream Pie. Illegal aliens however, are quite a different story and for better or for worse, their presence is not a “victimless crime” even if they are just here trying to make a better life for themselves and their families. Perhaps nowhere is this truer than here in Texas and in Arizona.

If you listen to the department of homeland security, you will hear that our borders are safer than they ever were. If this were the case in reality, there would not be great big swathes of the border closed off to American citizens. In case you have never heard about that, there are large tracts of land that are closed off to Americans because the drug cartels and coyotes are using it to smuggle guns, drugs and people into our nation. Yes, smuggling guns in addition to all the rest of it. Why would they smuggle guns in? Well, despite all of the emotional rhetoric that we hear, fully automatic weapons are still very difficult to obtain in these independent but United States. It is much easier for the drug cartels to purchase fully automatic weapons from the Mexican military, even if these are in large part legally sold to the Mexican government from the same people who make arms for the US government.

Forget about all of the unpleasant realities here for a while though, and let’s talk about all of this victimless crime that really does not do any harm to anyone right? After all, most of the “logic” used to justify granting illegal aliens lawful residential status constantly reinforces the belief that these people are simply here to make a better life and to provide for their families. Where is there any harm in that?

This is one of those things that so many people will tell you is a victimless crime. The fact of the matter that by its very definition, crime has a victim … and this is a crime. In this particular case, I do have a modicum of sympathy for the people involved. I cannot even begin to fathom the destruction that has come to my beloved friends where I have been in Mexico. The US Government’s costly and deadly war on drugs has wreaked havoc on their nation and worse yet, provided the very criminal element causing the troubles with thousands of illegal firearms to perpetuate their suffering. How can anybody not be sympathetic to the plight of the Mexicans and even the people from Central and South America who simply want a better life? I am sympathetic but not to the point of cutting my own throat. The problems are many when it comes to illegal aliens throughout our nation.

One of the biggest problems is that papers for work are expensive. As many of the illegal aliens cannot afford to have papers made for them, and the last time I knew anything about it first hand, the papers cost some four-hundred dollars or so but that was back in the early nineteen nineties, so these illegal aliens begin working under the table. There are two major points of contention here which many people seem hesitant to discuss or in many cases, even to admit to. The first is that most of these jobs that are taken by illegal aliens are low-skilled, entry-level jobs that would otherwise be available for the youth of this nation just entering the work force for the first time. Have you looked at the unemployment rates for the youth of our nation lately? I certainly am glad that I am not just now entering the work force. Factor into this problem the fact that all of these people working illegally under the table not only remove much needed (according to the government anyhow) tax revenue, it also substantially drives down the prices that employers are willing to pay lawful residents. Do you seek out the most expensive mom and pop store to buy your groceries from to help those hard working people in your neighborhood who are just trying to make a better life for themselves or do you go to the superstores that pay their employees less and where you can buy your food for less? As long as there are people willing to work for less, we cannot realistically expect business owners to pay more. The problem is not with greedy business owners alone, but also with those who would enable them access to cheap labor. Take the cheap labor away and they have to pay more to get employees … it really is that simple.

The second problem is when these illegal aliens can begin affording to buy papers so that they can work “legally” and “pay taxes”. Therein lies the rub though. When I worked as a Network Administrator for an International Airlines, we installed e-Verify when the government required us to do so shortly after September 11. It was not too long after this however, that the very same government declared it was illegal to use e-Verify because it was a violation of all manner of privacy concerns. These people will not be able to get anything back for the taxes that they pay into an illegally obtained social security number so they tend to claim zero dependents. Now somehow or another, I seemed to have met this problem firsthand as well. Some illegal alien in Florida has apparently been using my Social Security Number and claiming whatever it is he claims so that he effectively gets nothing taken out of his paycheck for taxes. Due to even further odd and incomprehensible reasoning, the IRS cannot tell me that I am working in Florida even though they know I am not there … because somehow or another, telling me that I am working in another state and not paying any taxes before it is time for them to collect, would be a violation of my privacy. I could almost understand their reasoning except for the fact that when it is time for them to collect, all of a sudden, all of the concerns about my privacy disappear as they tell me exactly how much I have earned there and how much I have to pay them so this other guy can work “legally”. In other words, when all of the red flags are up, they conveniently ignore them and worry about my “privacy”. However, once they want their money, any and all pretenses of privacy quickly disappear as they make efforts to collect what they are owed regardless of the fact that I do not owe them money to allow some illegal alien to work here. (Well, legally I do but that does not make it right) Now anyone who has ever tried to reasonably deal with the IRS may immediately see the problem here. For those of you who have never had to deal with them, pray you never do.

The biggest problem here seems to be with the title of this article. Somehow or another we are supposed to believe that there are only about eleven million illegal aliens in the nation. Unfortunately, if you look at any of the old news reports and if you listen to the guys who are actually out in the field on the border, the numbers just simply do not add up. Somehow or another the government would have us all believe that for nearly two decades, the number of illegal aliens here has remained unchanged? We already went through this as a nation in 1986 under the Reagan administration. It was said at the time that if we allowed illegal aliens to take a shortcut to lawful immigrants, the government would secure the borders. It was estimated at the time that there were only about one million illegal aliens in the nation so all the politicians figured it was a good thing. Unfortunately, the actual numbers were more than three times what the government estimated that they were and the border was never secured which is the direct cause for the plight of those currently seeking recourse in changing their lawful status. By those standards alone there are likely more than thirty million illegal aliens here at present. If you want to take the time to go over the numbers from the border patrol year by year and judge by their estimates, the number rises to somewhere closer to forty million illegal aliens here.

Let’s presume for the sake of this article that this is as the left would have us believe, only people who are here trying to make a better life for themselves and to take care of their families. Basing these estimates on the “nuclear” family from days of old, two parents and two kids per household, that is some twenty million people working illegally in these independent but United States of America. Even if we discount all of the people working under the table and presume that they are all working as many of these people will work two or even three jobs to save their money and do what they have to do, that is at least twenty million jobs that would seriously drop the unemployment rate, increase tax revenue and help both the lawful residents and citizens in addition to helping to strengthen our very troubled economy. The only question that this leaves unresolved is, why are people willfully enabling and even rewarding illegal actions that hurt the people, the government and the economy? Answer that question and maybe you will begin to see some of the contradictions in the whole left/right paradigm.




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