The Mind of the American Soldier

February 5, 2013


The mind of a soldier

Inside the mind of an American Soldier

This article is based solely on my opinions of (a) possible scenario(s) that I could see happening in the US. I am a former member of the US Army and have served my nation in every capacity I can and I will continue to uphold and defend the Constitution of these independent but United States of America. I would proudly stand and serve today with my brothers and sisters in the Army and would kill for them and only if necessary, die for them. They are, always have been and always will be my brothers (and sisters) but sometimes, brothers do have to fight it out a little bit. I have no doubt that a great many of my Army brethren would stand on the side of righteousness and defend the constitution but I also believe a great many would follow even the most unlawful of orders. It is to them that I address in this article.

This is actually in response to a request for an explanation of an article I wrote on my personal site entitled “The Myth of the American Soldier”. In it, I proposed that judging by the actions of our troops in New Orleans and elsewhere, I could in fact see a great many of my brothers (and sisters) in Arms taking up arms against the American people in certain circumstances. They requested that I try to go back some thirty years to when I was in the Army and what the thoughts of those of us were in sometimes overtly hostile circumstances. Given that train of thought, move the scenario to American Soil and explain just how I think it is that any American soldier could ever justify the oppression of, much less the killing of American Citizens and just how they could ever be put in a position where they may take such an action. I have used the example here of Uncle Ted. For those of you who may not know him, Ted Nugent is a very popular musician and gun rights advocate originally from Detroit but now a proud resident of the Republic of Texas.

The Scenario

I see some rough times ahead for these independent but United States of America but I do not see any need to delve into any of the big conspiracy theories to do so. There can be little doubt that our economic crisis is worsening and it will lead us down the same road that Greece is on if we allow it to proceed unchecked. That being said, I do see a major economic crisis in our very near future. Four hundred years of history says that such a major crisis on the scale which we are seeing will ultimately lead to a global conflict. Before that happens, we will be faced with days every bit as bad if not worse than those of the great depression. What is most notably different in the US today is the general population. When the economy collapses, one of the first things that is going to go will be the many social services to our poor. Some people will call me racist for this, but having grown up in the mountains of West “By God” Virginia, I can assure you that this will affect all manner of people … with some stark contrasts. In the more rural areas, people will still be able to hunt and fish and will not be starving to death. There may be the occasional clash with the game wardens or fish and game officials, but the general population is not going to suffer from the potential to be starved out. Such is not the case in the inner cities.

In the event of a complete economic collapse and potentially, even under a major economic restructuring, the social services are going to suffer greatly. We have created such a dependency class with our “war on poverty” that looting and rioting is almost certainly guaranteed. Even during economic restructuring, there is going to be a major loss of production and industrial capacity. This means that a great many store shelves are already going to be empty, a great many more people are going to be out of work and a whole lot of dependent people are not even going to be getting their social assistance that they use to buy whatever it is that is left. In other words, there are going to be a whole lot of angry people all packed into comparatively small and dense population centers. As the people begin starving, they will begin looting and rioting and the first thing that the “civilized” people are going to do is demand that the government fix the problem, for such is the nation we live in these days. In marches the National Guard, me and my brothers and sisters from the American Armed Forces, undoubtedly among the best soldiers in the entire world!

Over Hill Over Dale!

My brothers and sisters and I would walk into a world of utter chaos. We would be amazed by the devastation that American citizens were capable of wreaking upon one another. Many of us would remember distant lands where we had gone to fight our foes and still not remember such utter devastation. We would look on in horror as fires were left to burn out of control because firemen could not get in unmolested to put out the blazes. We would be angered at the suffering that our civilian brethren had been forced to endure and we would be ready to defend our nation against such criminal acts. Fortunately, we would probably also be held in check by our leaders who would not want the headaches of explaining the carnage among the criminal class that would ensue were they to simply turn us loose to do what we were trained to do. They would organize us and we would react swiftly and brutally, but within a modicum of restraint. Just as was the case in New Orleans, we may realize that what we are doing does not exactly mesh with Constitutional principles but hey, these are our people dying out here so we have to help.

Then it happens

It is always the Cherry trooper is it not? It always happens to the cherry and generally, somebody else will pay the price. In a riot or looting environment as the big cities would be after such an economic collapse, there are always going to be people that are too hungry, too desperate and in many instances, with too much criminal intent to be bothered by someone enforcing the law, especially under the terms of martial law when an emergency has been declared. Some punk somewhere is going to get everybody all wound up when they start shooting at us. And so what happens when this comes to pass? The most notable reaction is an instant increase in adrenaline. “Fight or Flight” but we are trained soldiers, we are not here to run away but here to engage these criminals and keep our fellow Americans safe from this kind so engage we do. We successfully take out the threat here and sweep the area to make certain it will not repeat itself while we continue with our duties. About this time we head towards Uncle Ted’s house because we have considerable evidence to point to the fact that Uncle Ted is heavily armed. We are still a little wound up, though most of us are used to this feeling so we deal with it. As we get to Uncle Ted’s home, despite all his ranting and raving, he cooperates fully and willingly turns in most of his firearms. Unfortunately, nobody knows his grampa is in the back bedroom and Uncle Ted forgets to mention it. Most of us have dealt pretty well with the combination of adrenaline and emotions that we are still high on as we enter a known firearms cache in Uncle Ted’s house but the rookie is new to all this and he is still suffering from some major pucker power as his arse remains tightly sealed. When grampa comes out of the back room we can see that he is not threatening us with the rifle he holds out from him but the rookie snaps. Still wound up from the previous firefight, the rookie opens fire pretty much splitting Uncle Ted’s grampa in half. Then as often happens, things go from bad to worse.

Uncle Ted is a known gun advocate and avid defender of the second amendment and hunting. He is already upset but he has been cooperating and bringing out an ample supply of weapons and ammunition. Our cherry trooper just split his grampa open with fully automatic fire and normally this could probably be explained away successfully. Much the same as the eighty-four year old woman who was shot to death in bed during a botched drug raid or the wrongful shooting of a sleeping man sixteen times during an illegal search, we could probably have cooked the books a little bit and gotten away with it. Except now Uncle Ted is not feeling at all cooperative and is in fact very angry and within arms reach of a host of what are presumably loaded firearms. Uncle Ted goes for the guns. I am a trained and professional soldier. I am among the best trained soldiers in the world. I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that the rookie was wrong and just panicked but the defecation has now had a violent encounter with the rotary oscillator and Uncle Ted, much as I love and respect him, is about to take out my brothers in arms if I do not act. I take Uncle Ted out of the equation and then the rest of the household literally goes up in arms … and being soldiers, we do what we are trained to do.

We are American soldiers. We are among the best soldiers in the world and more importantly, we are all brothers (and sisters) in arms. During the after action report and debriefing, nobody mentions how the rookie screwed the pooch. All that is noted is that Grampa came out with a weapon and the rookie did what had to be done, and then when it hit the fan, we did our job as soldiers do. Unfortunately, the ramifications are more than even our superiors and the press and government propaganda machines can handle. The crowds are incensed that Uncle Ted was taken out. Long has he been a hero of the people and to lose him to American Troops has created more outrage and violent attacks against soldiers ensue. The resulting firefights will leave many soldiers and many citizens dead. Ultimately, there is no choice but to completely lock down every major city in a brutal enforcement of Martial Law and it is done. The Constitution can now be “temporarily” suspended until the time of crisis is over. Never let a good crisis go to waste right? So what then?

And Then?

The major cities have been put under the heavy hand of martial law. American troops and citizens alike are both angered and itchy because of the number of deaths on both sides. But this is not quite enough for an American government that truly wants to fully pacify the nation and convert it into a complete police state. However, in order to accomplish this, the government must make the people demand a police state and convince the American Military that they are working for the benefit of the people. So how do they go about accomplishing this?

The cities are locked down, news stations and other news outlets are all effectively under government control. These are only “temporary measures” much the same as the “temporary” income tax that was passed in 1913 and has morphed into the IRS and the vast tax laws that we live under today. These are only temporary measures until everything is more fully under control and we the people are safe once again. Meanwhile, despite the cities now being fully under government control, the people are still starving and the store shelves remain empty. Meanwhile, those people in flyover country are living high off the hog according to all accounts by the “news media”. Those greedy bastards who did not have the decency to move into the inner cities and succumb immediately to government control are out on their own, living large on food that rightfully belongs to the people. The citizens in the inner city once again become outraged but now they turn their anger away from the American troops patrolling their streets and on to the Heartland of America. Just as during the elections where election results have shown that the major populations centers can elect presidents even when the rest of the nation clearly votes against them, the people of the inner cities demand that the government take from the producers and redistribute their wealth for the common good. Military leaders who are more loyal to those in power than they are to the constitution that has been “temporarily” suspended are told how they will become heroes to the people if only they would crush these rebels in fly over country who want to keep all of their production for themselves at the expense of those living in the inner cities. The average American Citizens being who and what they are now turn their anger from the soldiers to those greedy capitalist pigs in flyover country who actually want to keep their production and the fruits of their labors for themselves. The American citizens will line the streets for parades praising the soldiers about to go into battle with the heartland of America and remind them what heroes they really are. And then the battle for Middle America will begin but it is there that it will grow ugly. Those of us who have planned and prepared will not go silently into the night. At this stage, all bets would be off for America as we know it.


This scenario may or may not be very likely. However, there is historical precedent for everything seen here and very few people would argue about an impending economic collapse. Given the contents of the NDAA, the push for gun control, the militarization of American police forces, the increased number of foreign (UN) and American troops training in American cities, this does not seem totally outrageous to me when all of that is put together. If it is any consolation, while I do believe some of this may occur, given the Chinese and Russian buildups from the Arctic to the Pacific to recent moves into the Atlantic and throughout South America, I believe the impending economic collapse is far more likely to result in the invasion of the US by either the Chinese or the BRICS nations as an allied force. The simple facts that the American debt to China is over three trillion dollars, there are more natural resources lying undisturbed under American soil than there are in the rest of the world and the economic issues as well as the disproportionately large number of males to females in China seem to make this a far more likely scenario in my opinion based on my research.  Could this be the reason for the increased level of training of American troops on American soil? Defense contractors have been exceptionally busy hiring underground specialists for more than the last decade. Could this be in preparation for a possible invasion of the US by foreign troops? Such a scenario would by all accounts, be far more likely in my estimation. My primary concern there would be, why would the American government actively seek to disarm the American people if they did suspect an impending invasion by foreign forces?


-Mark Tipton-




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