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March 13, 2013
Senator Cruz

Texas Senator Ted Cruz

Rand Paul seems to have made a lot of in-roads with his personal Filibuster even if it was unsuccessful. It looks very much like Texas Senator Ted Cruz seems bound and determined to make an equal impression on those in Government and for the people not only of Texas, but of the entire nation. While being a conservative has been demonized excessively of late, these two should give us all hope that all we have to do is stay true to true conservative issues and we will not only win the hearts and minds of the people but start winning elections again as well.

Try this little litmus test if you would please.

Stop and think for just a moment about what makes you a conservative in your book. It could be that you are fiscally conservative or it could be that you are socially conservative or it could be that you are some combination of the twain. It could also be that you are simply a Constitutionalist with more traditional American values and in today’s rather limited world view, that puts you over on the more conservative side of the aisle as well. None of this however, is how the conservative is generally portrayed in the press.

Ask your friends now, especially the more liberal friends you may have, what they think of when they think of conservatives. Some may very well be amazed to discover that you are a conservative if you have not had that conversation with them. Ask the common person what they think about when they hear the word conservative and they will talk about big business coming along and killing off its own customer base and locking away homosexuals while sequestering the poor in the inner cities and forcing them to starve to death.

Granted, their view may not be quite that jaded, but a surprisingly large number of opinions about conservatism are, especially given what has been expressed in most media outlets and the limited nature in which the average person gets their news and world views. Far too many people instantly think about evil incarnate when they hear the term conservative and have no real clue what we stand for or what we are all about. The recent actions by Rand Paul and Ted Cruz need to be jumped on and run with now while the proverbial iron is hot.

It is not that these two are exceptionally conservative or even exceptional conservatives. It is not that they do not have their bad points as all politicians do when anybody bothers to dig deep enough. It is the fact that these people are getting into the press on matters of genuine concern to the people and not being demonized for their efforts. Why are they not being demonized like most conservatives are though? It is just possible that the common view of the average person really is a little bit more right-leaning than even they would like to believe. Who could deny that we do not need (or want) to grant the right to murder American citizens on American soil without the benefit of due process? The same liberals that are standing up and screaming for the non-existent rights of foreign, enemy combatants to be brought to American courts would look rather foolish if that was brought to light beside their arguments to give government the right to murder American citizens on American soil.

We have long known and held that dictatorships and tyranny come from the left but there has never been a better time to make it known to the public at large. As a true conservative I really do not care what some left-leaning pseudo-journalist graduate of Columbia University thinks about what I am or am not. I care about getting government off my back so that I can live my life and make my own choices and enjoy my own liberties. I also care because the vast number of Americans only get their news from the mainstream media and as long as the MSM is demonizing conservatism and conservatives, they are going to believe the vitriol and drivel that they hear there.

The fight to defend conservatism must be won but to defend conservatives and make that possible, the battle must be fought on two fronts. The true tyranny and hypocrisy of those on the left must be exposed and the real message of what it means to be a conservative must be put out there where all can see it. Whether or not you agree with Rand Paul’s stand on the drones or Ted Cruz’ efforts to defund ObamaCare, we need to keep them in our sights and … while we should support them, and it may not be dignified to ride on their coat tails, but just maybe we should use the break that they are giving us with the media to get some of our other real concerns out in the public view. When people want to criticize conservatives based on values or facts, I really have no issue with that and welcome the opportunity to defend my positions. When people come up with some wild-eyed fairy-tale about swastika-wearing, child-eating, corporate-loving, homosexual-hating monster and honestly believe somehow that it is a conservative thing, we all have problems.



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Mark Tipton is a Libertarian Political Activist with the Extreme Attitude and a founding member of the Dr. David C. Webb Vocational Institute where he has volunteered for the last nine years. In order to survive in the world, when not repairing ancient computers, he works as a freelance writer and web designer but remains addicted to a resurrection of the Conservative, Republican form of government … not to be confused with the political party of the same name. His latest project has seen him with the privilege of working with the founders of The Conservative Fifty and Inside News, a Consortium of websites dedicated to opinion and editorials as well as news from a primarily conservative point of view. If you are interested in sharing your Conservative views and opinions, The Conservative Fifty is currently seeking writers in all fifty states of the Union. (We are still looking because according to someone much smarter than us, there should be seven or eight more states that we have never heard of) If you are interested, please let us know.

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