Gun Registration and Compromise

February 3, 2013
Gun Registration and Compromise

Many people seem to believe that there is some major need to compromise on some aspects of gun control. While the recent tragedies certainly need to be looked at closely and methods put in place for preventing or dealing with such crimes, is more gun control really the answer? For the time being, there seems […]


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Conservative War on Federal Injustice

February 2, 2013
Conservative War on Federal Injustice

There is all manner of talk going on these days about some vast, right-wing conspiracy, home-grown “terrorists” in the way of freedom loving, individualist, Conservative patriots, Constitutionalists, people of firm religious convictions and others among our ilk who have been demonized by the main stream media in the eyes of the general citizenry. For most […]


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Get Your Resolutions Passed at Convention

April 4, 2012

-Felicia Cravens, Contributing Writer (Crossposted at Houston Tea Party Society) It’s convention season again, and time for resolutions.  Resolutions are items submitted for the party platforms, and help define a political party’s principles.  They are offered during the convention process every two years, and can signal to party leadership the issues of highest importance to […]


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RPT Struggles to Plan Primary, Convention

February 16, 2012

-Felicia Cravens, Contributing Writer   This week the Republican Party of Texas published THIS, in which the leadership comments on the latest of the the epic challenges it has faced in holding a primary this year.  If you’ve followed the redistricting issue, and the subsequent mess, you know they are battling uphill.  Lawsuits from groups […]


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Conservative Index for Texas Senate 2010-2011

February 13, 2012

TARRANT COUNTY LEGISLATIVE ALERT CONSERVATIVE INDEX FOR SENATE – 2010 & 2011  Notes are comments by Don Shipe Oct-11 R/D Dist Consv Texans Heritage Young Eagle Consv Index Fiscal Alliance Consv Forum Index Avg Response Economics of Tex Avg 2010 2011 Brian Birdwell R 22 new 97 100 95 96 97 Only 8 of 31 […]


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